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Malibu Norcross

The Best Indoor Family Arcade and Game Room in Atlanta

Inside the huge game room at Malibu Norcross you will find incredible games for every age. Malibu Norcross offers everything from Classic Games like Skee-Ball and Air Hockey to all of the hottest games. Don't forget the redemption games where you can win points to be redeemed at our awesome prize counter. Our Game Room uses Game Cards that you can load with any dollar amount!

The Best Indoor Family Arcade and Game Room in Atlanta

Malibu Norcross Game Room brings out the kid in everyone! 
From dancing games, to sport games, and everything in between, our game room has it all!

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Add a Game Card to your purchase for the ultimate Malibu Norcross experience!


The Game Room at Malibu Norcross has games the entire family can play! 
Enjoy games such as Crossy Road, Pac Man Battle Royale, Ghostbusters, and Fruit Ninja.

Our game cards are available in any dollar amount!  Select higher amounts for free bonus amounts!

$20 Game Card - Receive FREE $5.00 Bonus!

$30 Game Card - Receive FREE $10 Bonus! - Best Value!


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Redemption games, games that award tickets and/or prizes, are not included in the 12 Buck Days Unlimited Video Games Promotion.

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