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2 Ways To Pass Along the Fun to Your Employees

1. Corporate Consignment Program
The Corporate Consignment Program is the perfect way to offer your employees and their families a valuable benefit at no cost to you. Through our Consignment Program you will be able to provide your employees endless family fun with one of the biggest discounts around! Simply let us know how many tickets you need and they will be delivered directly to you. A minimum order of 50 tickets is required, with payments due at the end of each month for all the tickets sold that month.

2. Corporate Online Ticket Program
Are you interested in providing your employees with unlimited access to specially discounted Malibu Grand Prix products online? Enroll in our Corporate Online Ticket Program and we will set your company up with a private corporate code and your team will gain online access to special discounts for Malibu Grand Prix products.

For further details, please call Group Sales at (770) 416-7630 or click on the link below.


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Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf