Group Extras

Score Big Benefits on Your Next Group Visit!

Did you know when you visit Malibu Norcross with your friends and family, you can receive special group perks and extras? Check out all the perks and benefits we offer group visits, such as meal plans, discount deals, and more! Because at Malibu Norcross, we believe in sharing the FUN!

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Additional Platter Options

Chicken wings & tenders combo platter 
with ranch dressing 
$49.99 + tax (20 tenders & 20 wings) 

Chicken wings platter with ranch dressing 
$49.99 + tax (40 pieces)

Fruit platter* assortment of seasonal fruits 
$34.99 + tax  (16” tray serves 12-15) 

Vegetable platter 
$34.99 + tax  (16” tray serves 12-15 guests)

Salad platter 
$19.99 + tax (Serves up to 10 guests 
with choice of one dressing)

*All platters require 72 hours advance notice for platters. Subject to availability.

Play Upgrades

$30 in game credits (get $10 free)
$5 per person 1 hour of unlimited video games

Exp act
Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf