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Bumper Boats

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A family-friendly ride with a splash!
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 44" driver 40" passenger
Accessible for people with disabilities
Just Think of It As Demolition Derby on the High Seas!

Are you ready to get splashed and have FUN? Hop aboard your very own bumper boat, where you can navigate the open waters of the bumper boat pond alongside your friends and loved ones. It’s a laugh-inducing, family-friendly adventure for all ages to enjoy! 

Bumper Boats are large and circular, with a comfortable seat and a steering device which you will use to cruise around the water. Ride around and bump into other Bumper Boats as you pass by. Each Bumper Boat comes with a squirting device, so you can soak and spray your friends. But watch out! They might try to spray you as well. These kids bumper boats are more than just a ride, it’s a soakin’ fun water war and a bump-tastic adventure all in one! Prepare for belly laughs and smiles the whole time you’re on this ride! 

Bumper Boat rides last for 5 minutes per session. You can choose from a selection of tickets and packages which combine bumper boat rides with miniature golf and other park attractions. Each boat can hold a maximum of two riders, and the driver must be at least 44” tall. 

Are you ready for a bumpin’ and soakin’ good time in the Bumper Pond? What are you waiting for? Hop in!

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Season Passes
4-Hour Play Package for $27.99

4-Hour Play Package for $27.99