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Malibu Norcross

Kid's Rewards

Reward your child with a Malibu Norcross Rewards Calendar! Be a part of one of the most fun and rewarding things to do in Atlanta! Help your child become a Homework Hero or receive Perfect Attendance and they will be rewarded with free game play at Malibu! Malibu also rewards good grades!

Kid's Rewards

Help your child succeed with a Reward Calendar!

Homework Hero Calendar - Be a Homework King or Queen and earn $2.50 in Game Credits! 
Star Attendance Calendar - Have perfect Attendance and earn $2.50 in Game Credits! 

1. Print out the Calendar. 
2. Mark each day that your child succeeds. 
3. Bring the completed calendar to Malibu and receive $2.50 in Game Credits. 

Celebrate Your Good Grades With Us!

Good Students deserve a great deal. Just bring your most recent 
report card to Malibu for FREE Game Credits!!

    $.75 in Game Play for each "A"
    $.50 in Game Credits for each "B"

Restrictions: Maximum of $5.00 in Game Credits per child. Must use original report card and
bring within 6 weeks from issue date.

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