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Malibu Norcross

Atlanta's Best Batting Cage Facility

Batter's Up! Whether you want to hit for fun or you're looking to up your game level, a trip to the best local batting cages in Norcross, located at Malibu Norcross, will do the trick! Malibu Norcross supplies batting helmets and bats, or feel free to bring your own.

Atlanta's Best Batting Cage Facility

Malibu Norcross offers the best batting cages around! 
We have cages that range in speed from slow pitch softball to fast pitch baseball. 
Bring the team for batting practice or come by yourself.  

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Buy Your Tickets Online to Save Time and Money!

Please print off your online ticket to bring into the park to redeem

Hand printed ticket to Cashier to receive batting cages tokens or to begin cage rental time.

The batting cages at Malibu Norcross are a great way for you to practice your swing and stay in the game even during the off season.  

Here are some tips and tricks for using the Batting Cages:

Read all warning/instructions before entering the Batting Cage
If purchasing tokens - insert Batting Cage Token into machine and press the arrow button
If purchasing cage rental - press arrow button when you are ready to begin (no tokens needed)
Top warning light will light up
There will be a 10 second delay which will give you time to get into position
Bottom warning light will light up
Balls will begin to pitch
Your game is over when both lights turn off

Malibu's Batting Cages allow you to purchase time in the batting cages by either set amount of pitches or by cage rental time.


25 Pitches - $2.00
15 Minute Cage Rental - $10.00
30 Minute Cage Rental - $18.00
60 Minute Cage Rental - $32.00


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Please make sure to read and adhere to all rules for the Batting Cages to ensure a fun, safe experience!

Helmet with face mask must be worn while in the Batting Cage

Do not extend fingers, hands, or arms over the strike zone.

Stay behind the red line at all times.

Pitching machine will throw strikes and balls.

If the warning light is on the machine is "live" and may pitch without warning.

Wear safe, stable shoes.  No heels, cleats, open toe, or heel-less shoes allowed.

Batting gloves are recommended, but not required.

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